Friday, March 14, 2003

great site.
got this quote from a blog quoting another blog. jordon cooper listed it as todd hunter's commenting on dallas willard's quotes. confused? i am. anyhow, just read-

We keep trying to make Sunday church into community with people driving to these meetings from 20-30 minutes away. We then try to fix this obvious lack of community by adding some form of home group. Now people drive 20-30 minutes to a second meeting and we fool ourselves into thinking we have created community. While striving mightily to form these pseudo-communities we lose twice: First, these meetings can never amount to true community , by definition (with the exception of cyber communities) I'm not sure about this one yet, but I'm open... has a strong geographical component. True community requires routine, unplanned contact—like what you have at work, school, neighborhood, etc. Here is the second loss: while running to meetings of this sort, and thinking of them as our Christianity, we ignore the authentic communities we are already in! We neglect the very places we could be working with God as ambassadors of the Kingdom to form (educate, grow in grace and true spirituality, grow in numbers as new Followers of Christ are added, etc.). [more thougths on todd's blog at todd's blog

some interesting thoughts. i have asked some of the same questions. what is even more sad is that in some ways i feel a greater sense of community with my unsaved neighbors than i do with believers. the upside is that i feel in a real sense that we are living out the salt and light thing in our neighborhood. i think that the whole cocooning effect is having more of an impact than we think. proximity=simplicity=community. hmmmmm

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

if you have ANY opinion about starbucks at all, you have to try this site- When you are through, check out some of the other pages like the new chicken soup for the soul. i actually laughed out loud.
what an amazing weekend we had. my wife was given a shower by the women of newsong. and yes, they asked me if i would attend. i actually don't mind because i enjoy sharing in my wife's celebrations. and this was a big one. stacey shared from her journal the anguish and pain of waiting 7 looong years to have another child. i am amazed at her transparency and even more amazed at her writing ability. she can express herself in ways that i can only dream about. she is a God-send to me. i felt affirmed, proud and most of all overjoyed at the faithfulness of God. this has been the longest journey of my life. 7 years of famine have led to a new season of blessing. you can see a picture of our new baby and her big sis at

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

another group that is intriguing is billy corgan's band zwan. very 70's peter mac looking web site zwan