Sunday, May 31, 2009

18 Years and Counting

Today Stacey and I celebrated 18 years of being married. We started the day pulling out the pics from our wedding. Who were those kids?

We do have a few more wrinkles since then, but also a deeper, more mature love.

Thank you Stace for saying "yes" to join together on this life journey. What a ride..............

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kids Want Bedtime Stories

No, not the movie. A new study shows that children want to HEAR bedtime stories from their parents over other forms of entertainment. The study also showed that 75% of children wished that there was more storytelling by their parents.

Here is the full article from Reuters.

Oh yeah, and you dads out there, kids prefer mom's stories because she makes them more enjoyable with sound effects etc. Let's brush up and man up at bedtime.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Movies, Games and Digital Storytelling

Haven't seen Terminator yet, but it is getting a lot of buzz for it's creativity. Fast Company put it on the cover and PC World describes a new game that continues the storytelling in a virtual world. Here is a quote from the article. Again, I love to think of groundbreaking storytelling technology and how that will impact us.

Halcyon Games on Tuesday announced the launch of Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series, a new animated drama whose first episode is now available for purchase and download from the iTunes Store.

Machinima is a form of digital storytelling that uses a pre-existing virtual world technology, such as a video game engine, in order to drive the story. It's been used in short form for YouTube videos using World of Warcraft characters, stories told using Valve's Half-Life II engine, and, perhaps most well-known, the "Red vs. Blue" series featuring Halo characters.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Today was my 6 year old's (Ramsay) last day of ballet. And because it was her last day, she received...a trophy! She got it not for being the best or even the second or third best, no, she got it just for participating (not that there's anything wrong with that). And wow was she ever proud.

And also happening today, I went to the library for some study time and on my way out I saw a book on the new books shelf titled Not Everyone Gets a Tropy: How to Manage Generation Y. After laughing at the irony, I snagged it and am looking forward to reading it. And it seems like a great read for anyone trying to figure out the upcoming generation. Look at the title of chapter one:

Chapter one- Meet Generation Y: The Most High-Maintenance Workforce in the History of the World

I have always enjoyed studying generational similarities and hope to post some thoughts on the book when I'm finished.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Say it ain't so Manny!

I spent 11 years in Cleveland and loved to watch Manny Ramirez play. He was one of the least intelligent players intellectually, but some people just don't need to be smart to hit. Manny was born with a swing to die for.

Just last week I was in the airport watching ESPN recap some of the big moments of baseball. One of them was Manny's 500th home run. I thought to myself...
"Isn't it great that there is at least one guy that we can look at that just simply has a swing that produces amazing results. There is one guy who can play by the rules and still succeed."
That thought last week now feels like years ago as Manny descends into ordinary Joe status- just a guy who cheated to get ahead. But maybe it was a one-time occurrence. Maybe it never happened when he was with Boston. Maybe his excuse that a doctor prescribed it for him was true. Maybe...maybe not. How will we know? Once trust is broken, it always leaves behind a nagging little trail of doubt that clouds memories of old.

Say it ain't so Manny! Then again, does it matter?

**for a great Boston fan's reaction read THIS.