Thursday, June 12, 2003

Book Cover

i just got the cover to my book emailed to me. my family had a great time watching the cover pop up on the screen. zondervan did a great job with it. this whole process has been grueling but very fun. i'm looking forward to the finished product.
heading off to hilton head island this week and looking forward to the break. i will be there for a week and then a week later leave for uganda for two and a half weeks. crazy busy.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

NYC- anniversary

just got back from NYC. what a great town. we stayed in times square and the energy that place exhibits is amazing. it also was a little overwhelming. i found it particularly overwhelming to see such a glutonous and consumer culture that on one hand seems so amazing and on the other hand so empty and lost. i spent time praying for the people but also a lot of time being a tourist. we were there to have a great time and celebrate 12 incredible years of marriage. stacey is a woman of beauty, grace, wisdom and fun all rolled into one. and i am grateful to God for my gift.

lunch at central park, seeing a broadway show (thoroughly modern millie-i would highly recommend), eating out at a swing club, riding the subway, and a little stop into tiffany's- all fun. the world trade center is now reduded to a huge city block that looks like a construction team preparing a place to be built. the steel cross still stands (which surprised me). it was sobering to be there and more sobering when a plane flew over our heads. thougths immediately went back to that fateful day of september 11. a day which caught us off guard but i often remind myself that it was a day that God knew was coming. we are living HIS story, even today with President Bush taking a trip into the middle east. enough ramblings for now.