Friday, April 04, 2003

we have been experimenting with some different forms of gatherings that might be attractive to a person who does not know Christ (who know what to call them now?). sinner used to suffice, but oh well.

last week we had an expresso cafe where we celebrate creativity. we have done about 6 of these now and they keep gathering steam. we have poets, painters, rappers, breakers, unpluggers etc. do there thing. we then give everyone an opportunity to get in on the fun with interactive creative stations etc. and of course, there is lots of caffeine and goodies (also an art form-yumm!). all of the proceeds from that go to feed the hungry.

another thing we are doing is called the salon. the idea is actually french (boo) but really took off in seattle and is spreading. it is a night to invite people to converse. there are actually books to help you with your salon. we are seeing cool stuff happen from these. i just discovered a site that could be used for advertising a salon if you are interested.

also, if you are just interested in doing a salon, here is a good site.

and if you have an idea on connecting gospel and culture, let me know. email me at