Friday, October 24, 2008


Stacey was in top form on planning a party that was exactly what I had hoped for- a casual event with lifelong friends and family with some of my favorite foods (La Rosa's Pizza, Graeter's ice cream and my mom's delicious cakes).

There was a time of "honoring" that was as much a roast as anything. I loved every minute of it. Although, when you hear those stories about what you did as a child, it makes you wonder "what was I thinking?"

Stacey got the ball rolling with her self-proclaimed "deep thoughts" as only she can write. Here's a sample of her strong closing...

You’re the coordinates in my GPS…the music on my iPod…my life-long facebook status update. In other words: Let’s do this for at least another 40 years.

To the man who laughs at most of my jokes…keeps all of my secrets…and thinks I’ve got the best singing voice on the planet.

From the woman who laughs at most of your jokes…keeps all of your secrets…and can’t wait to see your handsome self bald (if such a day arises).

I love you with my whole heart…forever and ever.

Wow! That started the "sharing" time and then it was all downhill from there. Actually, it was all very fun and even a bit enlightening. And it was a humbling to have so many of the people who have shaped my life in the same room. I shared with them (and I say this to those reading this blog who have impacted me), thank you all for being an important part of my story and for sharing your story with me. I have no idea what the next 40 years holds, but the older I get the more I realize that it is the relationships that matter most.

And to have an amazing wife who loves me deeply, incredible children who daily bring me joy and new lenses to view the world, wonderful family and friends who love me and keep me tethered to what is important and God who makes all of it happen, makes me one blessed, 40 year-old man!