Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football Fantasy

I like football. To me it's just a feeling I get every fall that is hard to describe. Going home after church on Sunday, you eat a bite, then retire to the couch and hopefully see a good game.

I have many football memories...
  • Going with my dad to the freezer bowl in 1982 where it was -55 degrees below zero to watch the Bengals advance in the playoffs (something that will probably not happen again in my lifetime...the Bengals in the playoffs I mean)
  • Watching Montana twice crush our dreams, once with 34 seconds left...I had my heart ripped out from San Francisco (would make a great song)
  • Moving to Cleveland and watching with delight as the hated Browns had to leave the city, only to later root for the lowly Browns who had a fresh start with new owners. note-still root for the Bengals if they play head-to-head.
  • Moving to Chicago just in time to cheer them in the superbowl.
And my final memory is being "forced" to join a fantasy football league as a prerequisite for me joining the Life Church staff. I like the game, just not that much. I don't check the stats on my cell phone. I don't pour over the waiver wire. I don't have every game beamed to me simultaneously so I can keep up with my players. And I will never root against my team even if it means my player will do poorly.

No, I set my roster once a week, tweak it maybe here or there, then grab my spot on the couch and watch my game while my little ones climb all over me. And at the end of the season, I'll take my ribbings for being the last place team again. And it's ok, cause it's just football, and I like it...just not that much.