Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Was There!

I bought a button that had those words on it as I made my way to downtown Chicago to witness history. I've always been a bit of a political nerd and I could not resist being this close and not taking it in.

I am out of town speaking to young people (on justice) for a couple of days, but when I return I will post my pics and blog about the experience. Many of you shared this with me on facebook (both Republican and Democrat friends...proud to have both).

Whatever our political persuasion, I couldn't help but stand in a crowd of incredible diversity and look into the teary eyed faces of African-Americans and not feel a sense of history unfolding before my eyes. Racism will not end because of this election, but it does reveal to us that America truly is the land of opportunity and true freedom. And it shows that we can overcome our past sins.

I leave us with this thought. Let all of us be reminded that true power is not in a party or a country or any one person, true power is in the hands of the Lord. Let's pray that those who are now in power lead with this humbling reality as their guide.