Saturday, June 28, 2008

Adoption Day Garage Sale

Part of what we call LifeWorks at Life Church is about caring for children, with an emphasis on orphans and others who are at-risk. Nate and Lisa Jarot have decided to adopt a baby from Vietnam. And we know first-hand, it is an expensive undertaking. So what started as a small idea of selling some items for the adoption, became...the Garage Sale to beat all other Garage Sales (Nate's phrase).

Nate did a nice job of directing people to the toy department, the sporting goods department, the clothing department etc. It was a fun three days and many people from the church either donated clothes or money. Kara Sims brought her "missions stand" that she made with her grandpa to raise money for the church's trip to Armenia. My daughter Raegan worked the goodie booth with Kara.

I love helping people to adopt. I feel it is a command (see James 1:27) that the church in general is beginning to wake up to. It's sad that many people are discouraged by finances. The church needs to get behind these couples who want to adopt.