Friday, June 27, 2008

Fathers of the Faith

Stacey and I were invited to the Billy Graham retreat called The Cove by a friend (Dave Buehring) to view a taping of 6 "fathers of the faith" who were asked a series of questions about their lives. The six men were Loren Cunningham, John Perkins, Jack Hayford, Lloyd Ogilvie, Robert Shuler and Winkie Prattney.

The questions ranged from "what has been the most important spiritual discipline in your life?" to "how do you handle betrayal?". It was an incredible experience to get to peer into a conversation of these six men while the rest of us were watching their conversation in the other room. These men have lived their lives well and we had a chance to sit and learn from answers to questions that we would all love to ask.

Below is a link to the organization who is doing the taping. The DVD will be available later this year. I hope you get a copy, there were some great life lessons.