Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's Orchard Time

Had a great time speaking at the Orchard today. What a great church, great people. They are in a series called "At the Box Office".

The movie that I chose was The Great Debaters. I was surprised at how moved I still was when was watching the clips from the movie. The one that had me choked up during my talk tonight was when the Pastor/Professor played by Forrest Whitaker accidentally hit the hog with his car and the men made him pay an exorbitant amount. The shame on his face as the men humiliated him and he kept looking back at his family was gut-wrenching. Then to watch his son look at this proud man who was stripped of his dignity was even more difficult to watch.

Injustice robs people of human dignity. And God, using his church as his extended hands, gives people back that dignity through justice.

Looking forward to 2 more services tomorrow at the Orchard. I'll post some notes on the talk on Monday.