Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miller Time Re:wind

It's time to take stroll down memory lane this past week and reminisce about all of the things that were brewing...

Stacey's 20 Year Reunion-
  • Here she got to answer many of the important, deep questions of the past 10 years- who's gained the most weight, who's lost their hair, who went under the knife, who's still alive?
The Painting Olympics-
  • Did well in the 20' x 9' sidewall, but had some difficulty on the parallel walls. Finished however with a gold medal given to me by some tall, beautiful brunette.
Lexicon Additions and uses-
  • Cone of Silence- "I can't hear you, I'm in a cone of silence."
  • Phelpsian- "Your bedroom painting skills are Phelpsian."
  • Obama-Biden - "Obama-Biden = Ebony-Ivory"
  • Bolted- "You just got bolted in your '93 Ford Escort wagon."
Favorite Read of the Week-
Favorite Screenings of the Week-
Passage that I was Chewing on-
  • Acts 23:12- where 40 men made a pact not to eat or drink until they had killed the apostle Paul. Will speak on this tomorrow at Life Church... the dangerous word.
Most Pressing Question Heading into Next Week-
  • How to treat Olympic withdrawal
Looking Forward to in the Coming Week-
  • Daddy/daughter date with Raegan on Monday
  • Raegan starts Senior High/Ramsay starts kindergarten- wow...