Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sonic BOOM!

Well it has happened, a Sonic fast-food restaurant has opened just 5 minutes from our house. I believe it is the first one in the Chicagoland area (at least in our part of that area).

So Curt Hughes and family invited us to meet them at the Sonic for a greasy slice of heaven. We get there and are greeted with orange cones and a uniformed Sonic man informing us that the wait to get into the Sonic is two hours! Then he directs us to an adjacent parking lot with many, many more cones and some sort of double-laned madness with idling cars lined up as far as the eye could see burning a whole in the ozone directly over our heads!

The discussion in our car turned quickly to a cost-benefit analysis. Just what is a Sonic burger worth in waiting time? We decided that 15 minutes is appropriate. Then I started thinking of wait-time analysis and came up with the following...
  • Skyline chili (a Cincinnati tradition)- 30 minutes
  • Deep Dish Chicago pizza (especially if we are in the mood for it) - 40 minutes
  • Chik Fil-A (there are none in Chicago!) - 18 1/2 minutes
  • Ruth's Chris Steakhouse- 1 hour
  • Spago's (never been but wolfgang is supposed to be the man)- 1 hour 15 minutes
And that's it. I can't think of any restaurant or food that could justify two hours of waiting...especially in a car with three children (God love 'em). Can you?

So we wait a few weeks until its 15 minutes of fame is up and our 15 minutes of waiting time begins.