Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympic-sized observations

Wow. Let the games begin! China brought it's 'A' game to the opening ceremony. We watched it with our neighbor kids who are Chinese. They made a point of telling us that all of the toys at our house are made in China. This was the first Olympics that our Ramsay can remember. She was doing some serious ballet during the dancing parts. And Rowan wasn't even born yet at the Athens games. She was singing some serious karaoke in her pink tu tu.

Here were a few observations while we were watching. What were your thoughts??

  • Favorite ceremony parts- the footprint fireworks, the 2008 drummers, the printing press boxes, the scroll, the progressive canvas art piece, the running man and the olympic ring fireworks (how scared was that guy?).
  • Any doubts about this being the Chinese century were eliminated.
  • How come other countries can celebrate their faith along with the rest of the world but the west cannot?
  • Bob Costas is the best commentary period. He should do every awards show.
  • What were the Hungarian designers thinking?? Ouch.
  • I was pleased with the reception that the Americans received. A little surprised actually.
  • Stacey commented "very Ralph Lauren" about the American outfits before she knew they were Ralph Lauren...such a fashionista.
  • How can the Chinese women wave for 3 straight hours!
  • Was surprised at how many countries I had never heard of. Djibouti?
  • Was it just me or was Yao Ming literally twice the size of the next tallest Chinese athlete?
  • What would have happened had one of the torches gone out? Do they start the whole trek around the world over?
  • Amazed at the 3600 hours of coverage this year. This is the DSL olympics.
  • Chicago 2016 baby!! And we're glad we're not London in 2012!!