Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Perfect Season

It takes a special group of guys and the right set of circumstances to accomplish the elusive perfect season. I have played softball for 24 years and I've never seen one. Until now.

Last night, under a canopy of stars, the unbelievable became reality... Life Church finished 0-12.

We began with the same mission as the church- to pray, love and serve our community. And that is exactly what we did. Last night we served and served and served the other team, until they simply got too tired to run the bases any more. But in true form, our team would not let them rest. Rather than doing things that could discourage them, like catching the ball and throwing it to the right base, we graciously put our egos on hold and allowed them a few more "insurance" runs.

And then it was over. Like a captain deciding that he must go down with his ship, Curt turned a simple fielder's choice into a double-play. The circle was complete, the dream realized... the perfect season was finally ours.

No asterisks here, we did it the old-fashioned way, we earned it. Some would want to call it quits and go out on "top", but we'll be back next year with our new goal in mind- defending our record of futility.