Sunday, July 13, 2008

Follow The Leader (mini notes from my sermon on 7-13-08)

This is Part 1

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We've been looking at the book of Acts in our series called "Follow the Leader." Quick observation from chapter 10. This is where Peter has a vision about eating meat and Cornelius has a vision about sending his servants to fetch Peter. When Peter goes to his house, he tells them all about Jesus and wham, they instantly follow him. What struck me about this passage is that God could have just as easily sent Cornelius to Peter's house. Most likely it would have been what he would have preferred since he though Peter to be a rock star (as we see when the meet). But God didn't do this, he made Peter, the rock that will build his church, get out of his comfort zone and enter an unclean Gentile's home. This is a picture of what God does when he wants to solidify a dream or vision that he puts in our hearts. He forces us to step out of our comfort zone and step over the threshold of uncertainty.

What has God placed in your heart and what threshold is he leading you to cross?