Monday, July 28, 2008

One Very Full Week

Looking forward to the week, but also realizing that it's FULL!

Gearing up for our annual staff retreat at the lake. This is our time to get away and connect relationally. It's also a chance to make sure that we are on the same page for the upcoming year. I think it was Mark Batterson who said that when he looks at hiring staff you should look for people that you would vacation with. We're blessed to have that kind of staff dynamic at Life Church.

This weekend I'm excited to be speaking at The Orchard church. Scott Hodge is the Lead Pastor and a very cool guy with an equally cool church. They have a great story and he has definitely put his leadership stamp on the church. They are in a series with a movie theme. I picked The Great Debaters because Scott and I talked about sharing on the topic of the missional church and justice. Can't wait to share- 3 times!

Oh yeah, and Scott was the man who kept encouraging me to blog. Thanks.