Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's official

Adoption has many legal hoops that you have to jump through and today we finally jumped through the last one. We made the trek downtown to the Daley Center - room 1705 and stood before a judge who granted us our papers to adopt them in the US. The official adoption happened in Vietnam, but this is a formality that will give them their official names that we gave them and a US birth certificate.

Adoption is full of hoops, full of fees and full of stress...and worth it all! It brought back a lot of memories of our time in Vietnam as well as the entire adoption process. It also made us grateful once again to God for allowing us the privilege of enriching our lives with these two amazing kids.

After the adoption, we had to see the city- so we did. Took in the video fountain at millennium park, went to the Shedd aquarium and enjoyed our train ride as well. Great day all around.